Heart of India

Indian Classic Yoga - Heart of India is founded by Pinky More and Richard Slager. With our activities we bring ancient knowledge from India to Europa.
It is difficult to remain yourself in the hasty western lifestyle in which we currently live. We are consumed by what we consider the important things in our lives, but it does not make us any happier. Because of a fundamental cultural difference this happens less in India. The knowledge of umongst others Yoga and Ayurveda are part of their daily routine. By learning more about Yoga and Ayurveda we can learn more about ourselves, our body and the balance of body and mind. Only once we are balanced we can be truly happy.
With our activities we raise money for orphan girls in India. This way we give something back for the knowledge and wisdom we acquire.

Pinky More

Pinky More was born in India. Here she has completed the teachers training Course at the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the Oldest Organized Yoga Center in the World. After a few years of working and traveling over the world she has settled down in the Netherlands to introduce Indian Classic Yoga, the traditional style of Yoga. Since 2012 Pinky organizes Yoga retreats at Centre Lothlorien in France and has started giving yoga teacher trainings.
In Kerala, India, Pinky has studied Ayurveda and now she gives ayurvedic massages.

Richard Slager

Richard Slager is raised in the Netherlands. After years of working in the Hotel and Tourism Industry in different countries he sets a bridge between India and the western world.
Throughout the years he has helped in the organisation of Centre Lothlorien in France, mainly focusing on educative youth activities and healthy food.
In Kerala, India, Richard gas studied Ayurvedic herbs and medicins. Now in France he teaches the practical uses of local herbs.

Centre Lothlorien

The retreats and Teacher Training Courses take place at Centre Lothlorien. Centre Lothlorien is an international guesthouse and course center in the North-east of France at a centerpoint of western Europe. It is situated in the rural areas of the Champagne-Ardenne region in a unique natural location surrounded by forests. The center itself lies in a valley and covers approximately 14 acres with hills, fieds and 2 lakes. This energetic and relaxing place is an ideal base to find peace and tranquility within yourself.
Centre Lothlorien is a Dutch initiative. At the center vegetarian meals are being prepared.