Through the below links you can find organisations and companies that Pinky More cooperates with.

The Yoga Institute The oldest organized yoga centre in the world. This is where Pinky More has completed her education to Yoga teacher.

Centre Lothlorien
Centre Lothlorien is a coursecentre in the North-East of France that offers an exclusive program throughout the year with activities based on personal development. Heart of India organizes it's retreats and teacher training courses here.

One Planet - One People Heart of India is connected to One Planet - One People. On the International gathering (june 2017) at Centre Lothlorien in France a Manifest was written and the ‘Heart Movement‘ has been brought into the world. Heartcells all over the world with their own initiatives are connected through this project.

Lothlorien Peacefestival Once every other year Centre Lothlorien organizes an international peacefestival. Pinky represents India with activitiese of Indian Classic Yoga.