On this page you will find information about the retreats that are offered in 2023.
Nowadays yoga is a well-known concept. the attention is mainly focused on the body postures and the practice often does not go beyond the classroom. We teach Indian Classic Yoga, Yoga as it is taught in India. Here Yoga is “A Way of Life”. The teachings are based on the basic principles of Yoga that teach you how to practically remain with yourself in everyday life.

  • The retreats last for 7 days, arrival on sunday and departure on saturday
  • There program exists of 5 mornings from monday to friday with workshops and group sessions, but also practical exercises such as Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Attention is paid to your personal situation or difficulties
  • The weeks are given in English
  • You can book the retreat starting € 595,- per person, including stay and meals

2-week or 3-week retreats

In July 2023 special packages are available for two or three weeks.

Pranayama and Meditation, April 30 to May 6 2023

Ancient techniques for controlling your body and mind

This week, through Pranayama, you learn to become aware of your breathing and apply techniques that calm your senses and thereby calm your mind. Each Pranayama has its own benefits. Besides the effect Pranayama has on you it is a stepping stone for Meditation in which you will practice innovative Indian techniques.

Yoga, Ayurveda and working with herbs, July 16 to 22 2023

Practical applications of herbs on the terrain of Centre Lothlorien and from Ayurveda.
Get to know the herbs on the grounds and surroundings of Centre Lothlorien. Learn how to work with these herbs by drying them, composing tea, making massage oil with them, making rose water and how to use them in cooking. Experience how you can also use Indian herbs and spices for flavour and to promote your health.

Centre Lothlorien is a special place on a very versatile site. Because of the presence of different soil types, wet spots, dry spots, sun, shade, forest, agriculture and differences in altitude, there is a staggering variety of herbs growing on the property, in the garden and in the surroundings.
Herbs possess culinary and medical properties. During the course, we will explore the herbs, learn about their properties and how you can practically do something with them at home in a simple way.

The knowledge about herbs is based on local herbal medicine or phytotherapy. In the course content, we also bridge the Indian lore of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is the oldest medicine of the world and means ‘Knowledge of Life’. Ayurveda is a medicine that treats the cause of complaints and disease rather than the symptoms. In Ayurveda, only natural products are used.

Yoga and walking meditation week July 23 to 29 2022

What do you need to really get to yourself?

This course is about relaxation and reflection. Although we are all engaged in consciousness and personal development in some way, we often do not think about this long enough to really change something in our lives. In the calming, inspiring and natural environment of Centre Lothlorien we use ancient meditation techniques to achieve true relaxation and to find our deepest self. Every day you go out for a meditative walk.

Yoga and improving your relationships, July 30 to August 5 2023

With your partner, with your child or alone. Use Indian philosophy to strengthen your relationships by working on yourself.

Yoga is holistic and you can apply it to all aspects of your life. According to Indian tradition, you use it to dissolve physical knots as much as mental ones. It helps you achieve physical and mental balance.

This course focuses on one of the main aspects of turmoil in our daily lives – relationships. The foundations of a home or a family consist of the relationships between them. Yet these foundations are not always strong. According to Yoga, you cannot change another person, at least not directly. But you can work on yourself, you can work on the way you perceive the world. You can find the courage to build trust (together). By finding calm and peace within yourself, you can bring calm and peace into your home and relationships.
Indian Classic Yoga uses practical aspects of Yoga, such as Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Furthermore, this week’s teachings cover topics from ancient Yoga philosophy from which we can draw a lot even in our time, such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhavas.

Discover which Asana suits you, October 15 to 21 2023

What does a Yoga Posture actually do to you?

An Asana is a position in which you can be stable, calm, quiet and comfortable, both physically and mentally. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, there are different types of Asanas. Your personal condition and is thereby of essential importance in which Asanas you do and which you should not exercise. During this course we will elaborate on this and you will learn an Asana that is good for you in this phase of your life.

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