On this page you will find information about the retreats that are offered in 2024.
Nowadays yoga is a well-known concept. the attention is mainly focused on the body postures and the practice often does not go beyond the classroom. We teach Indian Classic Yoga, Yoga as it is taught in India. Here Yoga is “A Way of Life”. The teachings are based on the basic principles of Yoga that teach you how to practically remain with yourself in everyday life.

  • The retreats last for 7 days, arrival on sunday and departure on saturday
  • There program exists of 5 mornings from monday to friday with workshops and group sessions, but also practical exercises such as Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Attention is paid to your personal situation or difficulties
  • The weeks are given in English
  • You can book the retreat starting € 595,- per person, including stay and meals

2-week retreats

In July 2023 special packages are available for two weeks.

Ayurvedaweek: Cooking, Herbs and Asana, July 14 to 20 2024

Unique Ayurvedaweek. Learn how the Ayurveda system works and choose between Vedic Cooking, Herbal preparation or Yoga Asana workshops.
This week is all about Ayurveda. Every evening you will enjoy a vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal.
You will learn the theory of what Ayurveda is all about. What is the philosophy behind Ayurveda, which concepts apply, find out what is your Ayurvedic constition and how to apply this in real life.
Choose which practical workshops you would like to do. There are 3 modules available.

Vedic Cooking:
What you learn in theory, you get to apply it in the kitchen. Under guidence of an experienced Ayurvedic cook, you will actually prepare meals that will be served to the guests at the Centre. Learn how to prepare Healthy, Fresh and balanced Vedic meals.

Working with herbs:
Get to know the herbs on the grounds and surroundings of Centre Lothlorien. Learn how to work with these herbs by drying them, composing tea, making massage oil with them, making rose water and how to use them in cooking. Experience how you can also use Indian herbs and spices for flavour and to promote your health.

Discover which Yoga Asana matches your body type:
Every person is different and not every asana is good for you. After looking at your Ayurvedic constitution and personality, you will experience which Yoga asana specifically is good for you to get a better balance both physically as mentally.

Yoga and walking meditation week July 21 to 27 2024

What do you need to really get to yourself?

This course is about relaxation and reflection. Although we are all engaged in consciousness and personal development in some way, we often do not think about this long enough to really change something in our lives. In the calming, inspiring and natural environment of Centre Lothlorien we use ancient meditation techniques to achieve true relaxation and to find our deepest self. Every day you go out for a meditative walk.

Chakra Meditation Retreat, August 11 to 17 2024

Especialy for this week Guru Ayish L. Vyas is coming from India to teach about the mystical aspects of Yoga.

Working with Chakra's can be dangerous. According to the Indian tradition it should only be done under the guidance of an initiated Guru. For this reason Guru Ayish L. Vyas is coming to France.
Before activating energy in your body, you need to free the channels. You will prepare in a relaxing environment, with Kriya, Asana and Pranayama. Then with help of Prana and Mudra's in Meditation, you can activate the flow of energy in your body and use it for strengthening yourself and get specific health benefits.

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